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Growing long, healthy locks is not child’s play. It’s a serious matter. If you take your health seriously you should have no problem growing strong, healthy, shiny hair.

You can attain hair like your favorite celebrity - without having to take out your check book or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to a top of the line stylist to weave someone else’s hair into yours (someone who’s taken the time to grow the hair that your paying for, I might add). Why not grow the hair yourself so that it’s truly "yours" for as long as you want it to be! You won't have to worry about taking it out in a few weeks or months, that hair can be yours! And when someone says to you, "I love your hair", you won’t have to feel guilty. You’ll know that the pride, patience and care it took you to grow your luscious locks was well worth it. Here are the secrets to having beautiful hair that’s the envy of all others.

Your hair is a true confession of what you eat. If your diet mainly consists of fast-food, processed food or little or no water or vitamins, your hair will show your diet history. Your hair tells a lot about your eating habits. It’s like the DNA of your diet. Not only will your hair be dry, limp and dull, but you will also feel dull and lifeless too.

The key to amazing hair is a healthy diet. I know it may sound cliché but it’s true. Try to focus on the two most important factors which are high quality proteins like tofu, fish and legumes. Also, make sure you have enough calories daily to maintain good health.

Healthy hair also depends upon micro nutrients like vitamins A, C, zinc and B complex. Make sure that you eat a well balanced diet. Add a variety of fruits and vegetables which are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, whole grains for minerals, soy products for plant-based estrogens, nuts and seeds for minerals and vitamins, and lean protein for iron. You should also consider taking a multivitamin for assurance.

A total breakfast cereal high in fiber and nutrients will also help you get all of the other nutrients your body needs. You should also try to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day as this adds moisture to your skin and hair to give you an overall healthy glow.

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  1. This was very informative. Off to buy carrots in the morning!


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