Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Bonjour or should we make it HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I have missed this sooo much...blogging that is!!!! In an attempt to change the blog to a .com everything went awfully wrong :( BUT HEY I'M BACKKK!
Got quite a few new posts that were pre prepared but inaccessible due to the tech difficulties!!! So vroom vroom lets get going!!!


A very special young lady who I have to big up (do i ever really use that term??!! hmm) ...has allowed me to blog about her today!

Miss Stace Rose a.k.a fashionista nerd introduced me to one of the latest phenomena especially among black women in America. I do believe its is inspired by Ms E. Badu.

The hair nerd that I am..I do love the concept...I see it as a 24/7 head scarf. Basically the head wrap acts as a constant hair cover...therefore
1) No hair exposure
2) No hair manipulation
3) No heat damage

Your hair simply sleeps under a head wrap and only comes out to be washed and treated etc

Stacy decided not to keep at the head wrap but it has worked for many women...are you one of


OOOoo for all u fashion lovers... do check her blog- its AMAZING.

so glad 2 be back :D

x edF x

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