Wednesday, 19 May 2010

DRYYYY like bread!

I'm actually laughing at the title of this post... very random moment. Flashback to the first time I went to a hair shop in Leeds and I asked for a conditioner that would combat hair dryness and one of the guys working there said give her the new brand 'Dry like bread'...1) I almost choked on my Frappuccino (mint choc chip - you have to try it!) 2) I couldnt help but think... u num nut!

He was joking anyway but the other guy knew exactly which isle to take me to which I still don't understand!

Anyway back to la point... I decided to do a Braidout(*) on Saturday (only have a pic of the plaits not the result time I'll do both) ... and the front turned out nice but the back oh boy!

Yes I know that braidouts are perhaps not the best time to analyse the overall condition of your ends but I believe I have a good eye for dryness so I made my very own concotion today literally a few mins ago.

Check out my next post for more- 'Humectants R us'

x edF x

Ooo plus a random hair 'kinda' protecting style pic I took a few weeks back! (darn my sis will find out I took her top now! #ForgiveAndForget (wink wink to all tweeters!)

* Braidout-  hair protection process that helps you avoid use of heat after washing.
Can be done with wet or dry hair.  If wet, apply leave in's and a bit of oil then braid your hair in sections as desired. Hours later...Viola curly hair!!!

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