Thursday, 6 May 2010

Monsieur Porosity Control

(Reporting live from my room in Uni!)

After relaxing my hair following my 12 week stretch I could still see that the ends of my hair were still mega fact one of my housemates advised me to get a trim! 
2 weeks later a.k.a today! My hair looks so much better...especially the ends and I really do have to thank Porosity control and a rollerset for that.

So... the second wash after my relaxer I used porosity control and lathered it all over my hair after my deep conditioner had been in for an hour. This means I had mega moisture from the DC plus a serious blast of moisture from the Porosity control itself.

Immediate finds: My hair was seriously soft...and I know this was largely down to the PC because I rinsed out the DC and detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb and THEN used PC and detangled once more...which was so hair was silky soft and soooo easy to comb!!!

***PLUS overall I noticed that my hair stayed shiny and moisturized for longer than usual.***
x edF x

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