Saturday, 1 May 2010


Most of us know how to wash our hair...splash of shampoo...scrub a dub dub...followed by conditioner- rinse and then dry and style like crazy a.k.a HEAT HEAT HEAT. But there's soooo much more to looking after our hair especially once we've grown up and reached the stage where our hair seems to want to stay at one length. Once crazy myth that needs to be rid of, is that hair grows best when its dirty...ewee no way!!!

Black hair, blonde hair, brown hair any hair ....L♥VES H20... A dirty scalp ladies is a clogged scalp which means a slow growing hair follicle. I started my hair journey in November and although my hair had length it was weak and damaged..split ends everywhere!! But once I took it upon myself to reduce heat and pay more attention to my tresses...I SAW GROWTH. The pic above is a pic of 3 months into my journey and the growth I had. I have yet to update from January onwards because I'm stretching my relaxer to over 12 weeks! So pics soon to come!

Stretching= Prolonging the time between relaxers. Instead of relaxing at 6 wks, relax every 8, 10, 12 wks or more.

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