Saturday, 1 May 2010


Sorry to seclude..but today I'd like to cordially invite anyone in Leeds who wants to meet new people and be blessed on a Sunday to my very special place!


♥ Sunday Service♥

'The Blue Room'

42, The Calls,

Leeds, LS2 7EW

If ur not feeling coming to church straight away...come to Wednesday house fellowship for some
God, Pasta and Wii!

101 echo central 1 apartment
Cross Green lane

Feel free to contact me or Leeds ACS on facebook if u need anymore info or want to travel there with a
friendly face e.g ME :)

Like Bunmi said in her post (click the link below), this is our second home. Church has actually NEVER been so much fun.

I feel like every service is a new chapter in a bestselling book.
Its really where you can be yourself, not feel forced into anything and find yourself growing before your own eyes.

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  1. fionaaa its not 42 any more its now 31 :)) x


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