Friday, 21 May 2010

Honey I'm Home

Review Round
So as promised here is my review for my special honey inspired honey treatment.

Err why did i not do this earlier? I had heard that honey makes your hair softer and helps your hair retain more moisture but it was a seeing is believing affair!

Yes...honey did all that science said it would do. Like I said in a previous blog my last relaxer didn't process all the way so I have more regrowth than usual...which is where the honey came in... it really did soften my hair, plus considering I haven't used my straighteners in yonks - my hair stills has an odd shine to it... not like the fake straightener shine, but good enough :)

If you want to try it's a reminder of the wonderful concoction!!!

P.s Next time I will use more honey, I was a little scared to use a lot b4, but next time bring on the honey baby! 

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